How It Works

  1. Create an account with us by registering online: “CLICK TO REGISTER”
  2. Once registered you will receive an email with your new Miami address, account number and password.
  3. You can then login into your account and change the password to something that you will remember.
  4. Shop online or place your orders with your commercial suppliers and send your orders to the adress sent to you when you registered as your «shipping/delivery» address.
  5. You can log in to your account anytime to see what orders have arrived at our Miami warehouse for you and choose the option to “ship” or “hold” for more items you are expecting and want to consolidate to ship all items together, OR “Repack” if you want all your items repacked together into 1 package/box.
  6. Select how you want your packages shipped “Air” or “Ocean” freight
  7. Payment for shipping charges to Barbados can be made by credit card online on our website or paid to the Barbados office by cash, credit or debit card.
  8. Duties and taxes are determined by local customs in Barbados upon arrival of your packages. If Duties are charged by customs then customs clearance charges also apply and these charges, including duties and taxes will be payable in Barbados to the local office at time of collection of your package(s).
  9. We ship via air twice weekly and by Ocean once (1) from Miami.
  10. Ocean freight cargo requires the customer to clear and collect the item(s) from either the Bridgetown Port or Off Pier warehouse, depending on the carrier used. We can provide both clearance and collection and delivery at an additional charge upon the customer’s request.