Twice weekly via air and once weekly via ocean.
Payment for freight charges can be made by credit card on our website or to our local Barbados office when you collect your documents for clearance.
Air Freight
This handled by our Barbados office. You will only customs clearance charges if a customs entry is required by customs (For Duty Payable items and Duty Free items) Items that customs determine to be NCV (No Commercial Value) do not attract duties and do not require customs clearance.

Ocean Freight
The customer can clear customs themselves for personal effects, appoint a customs broker for commercial cargo or We can provide this service at an additional charge.
Air Freight
PERSONAL EFFECTS – BBD 26.00 (USD 13.00) Customs Clearance + BBD 10.00 (USD5.00) Handling
COMMERCIAL CARGO – BBD 66.00 (USD 33.00) Customs Clearance + BBD 10.00 (USD5.00) Handling.

Ocean Freight
PERSONAL EFFECTS – Starts from BBD 26.00 (USD 13.00) Customs Clearance + BBD 10.00 (USD 5.00) Handling for small packages/boxes and up – PLEASE REQUEST A QUOTE.
COMMERCIAL CARGO – Starts from BBD 66.00 (USD 33.00) Customs Clearance + BBD 10.00 (USD 5.00) Handling and up. PLEASE REQUEST A QUOTE.
Air Freight
Rates start at USD 5.95 for the 1st pound (LB) and the rate per pound (LB) goes down as the weight goes up. Please contact us for our complete rate sheet or use our online air freight calculator to determine what your package will cost to ship from Miami to Barbados. PLEASE NOTE THIS CALCULATES THE SHIPPING CHARGES ONLY AND DOES NOT INCLUDE DUTIES, TAXES, CUSTOMS CLEARANCE OR LOCAL BARBADOS HANDLING CHARGES.

Ocean Freight
Air Freight
Warehouse Handling Fee: BBD2.00 (USD1.00) per package

Ocean Freight
Warehouse Handling Fee: BBD6.00 (USD3.00) per package/box
Repacking Fee (Applicable only if you request your packages be opened and repacked into 1 package/box) BBD5.00 (USD2.50) per package to be opened and repacked + the purchase of the box (Price varies depending on the size of the box)
PICK UP/TRUCKING: Please contact our office for a quote for package pick ups/trucking.
These include any items with alcohol listed as their first ingredient as well as any quantity of FLAMMABLE, EXPLOSIVE or CORROSIVE material.

• Academic, property and other titles Passports and identification documents
• Aerosol cans
• Alcoholic beverages
• Ammunition, firearms and firearm parts
• Camouflage
• Cash and coins
• Checks
• Chemical substances
• Cleaning products
• Credit or debit cards
• Deodorants
• Explosive material
• Fireworks
• Furs
• Gasoline, fuel
• Gas-powered tools
• Hoverboards
• Items of extremely high value
• Lighters
• Live animals
• Matches
• Medical equipment
• Pepper spray
• Plants
• Poisons
• Precious stones
• Pressurized containers
• Sex toys

If you do order prohibited goods, we will make every effort to advise you that we have received them and that we will not be able to ship them. It is then your responsibility to arrange a return or alternative US delivery address, or to give us instructions to dispose of them.

Please do not ship these products to your Miami address as they cannot be shipped to your country and you will need to pay for their destruction or the cost of returning them to the shipper.